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Colour Theory And Your Brand: Red

Part 1 of my new series about colour theory is of course red.

Red attracts attention.

Red is dramatic, associated with strong emotions like love and anger. It can actually affect you physically - raising your blood pressure and respiratory rate and even increasing your appetite. It's vibrant, stimulating and exciting. Red has more psychological and emotional connections than any other colour.

What does red say about your brand?

You're bold and adventurous.

Red is powerful yet classic and full of energy.

Red Associations:

Bold, dangerous, exciting, passionate, energetic, powerful.

Ten well known brands with red logos:

Coca Cola










Examples of red photos I've taken for brands and for fun:

Colour Matching

Red works well with gold to add a sense of luxury.

Such a vibrant colour also works well with neutrals such as white, black and grey like the main red logo examples above.

Paired with navy, you get a classic style which would work for a more serious brand like an airline or high end fashion brand.

Add in some yellow and you're back to a fun fast food chain.


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