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Branding Top Tips - Create A Mood Board To Refine Your Brand Identity

Have you got a really clear and consistent brand identity?

I do, and I hope that you've noticed - it's all about colour, joy and fun!


I know my brand is working as people send me links all the time to rainbow things they see. They think of me instantly which is amazing! People I've never met even recognise me at events due to my colourful clothing. I stand out and it's perfect for my brand.

Branding myself was easy because I not only love rainbows and bright colours but I love working with vibrant brands too! Staying on brand is simple for me because I literally live my brand. My clothing is colourful, my home is colourful. It's a no-brainer to choose colours that you love but you also want to think about what those colours might mean to others. I've started writing a series all about brand colours which you can read here.


A great way to get started if you're creating your brand identity from scratch, is to head to Pinterest and start pinning images that appeal to you.


My example above shows how my mood board would look - lots of colour, rainbows, laughter, joyful images with clients, action shots with my camera, graffiti walls, my obsession with Christmas decorations, chocolate...

All things I love, things that show who I am, what I love, my values, my joy - everything I want to show to my ideal clients and they all tie in with my brand. I want to come across as friendly, fun, approachable, trustworthy and creative.


You can then use your mood board to help you when designing your perfect brand photoshoot. It should inspire ideas about locations, colours, poses and just the general vibe you want your brand to convey. Part of the preparation before your shoot should always include some planning, thinking about your values and who you are aiming your message at, what it is you offer and why people need/want it.

A few of the main things it was important to include for Bignose & Beardy were sustainability, amazing small batch products, friendship and community. Their green branding was ideal for a countryside based business in a smallholding orchard.

Bignose & Beardy HQ orchard with chickens, blossom, spirits and cider.


Creating a mood board will not only help you refine the sort of look you're aiming for with your brand but also help your photographer to learn what sort of poses you like. Whether you need more formal shots to attract corporate clients or something more relaxed or even action shots of you working/creating or maybe even both? Try searching Pinterest for "fun location headshots" or "colourful personal brand photography" or you can browse my boards.

PR expert Jane Griffin wearing classic navy & neutrals for a serious but approachable look.

Shop owner Victoria tending to her beloved plants.


It's all about adding the personal aspect to your branding. You don't want the same images as everybody else but you can take inspiration from others and incorporate ideas and together we can create your perfect gallery to represent you.

Laser hair & tattoo removal technician Emma giving me her best Lara Croft look with her laser gun.


I always encourage bringing your pets along for the ride! Another sure fire way to grab attention of like-minded individuals on social media, show off your cute sidekicks! Plus I love a cuddle from your furry companions! (I'm not averse to snakes and the like either if you have any of the non-furry kinds!)

Some of the cute critters I've been lucky enough to capture with their owners!


As a photographer, it's especially important to have high quality photos of myself AND to demonstrate that I have been there too, in front of the lens, I know how it feels and I can help make it easier for my clients as a result.

Plus, showing my own face always gets more engagement on social media, achieving that connection with my clients and potential clients is so important!

Need my help planning and utilising your brand photography? Get in touch and we can start getting to know each other to see if we're a good fit...

Not ready to chat yet, that's OK! I have a freebie for you which might help you decide if I'm the right photographer for you AND help you prepare for your personality packed brand shoot when you're ready, whomever you choose as your photographer...


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