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Emmanuelle Moureaux's Slices of Time Exhibition at NOW Gallery, London - review

EVERYONE was sending me details about this rainbow coloured Emmanuelle Moureaux exhibit at NOW Gallery in North Greenwich, London, for obvious reasons and OF COURSE I wanted to go! I arranged to go with Kirsty last week but we didn't realise you need to book tickets and were too late so we have had TWO friend dates in London in as many weeks, lucky me!

There are two installations (I had expected something different from the photos I'd been sent online but I think they must have been of another incarnation in a different country) - here in London there is an all white section as you enter with the amazing rainbow one behind it. We had so much fun watching all the numbers gently moving in the full spectrum of colours and of course took PLENTY of photos. Photos are encouraged which is just as well as it would have been torture for us to resist!

I'd definitely recommend the exhibit if you can make it before it closes in April. It's free to enter, just make sure you book a time slot online before you go! Here are some of my favourites and I've added one Kirsty took of me at the bottom too (as labelled). I did manage a few self portraits using Kirsty as my tripod too but you'll have to wait for this month's portrait blog loop on Saturday to see those! ;)

It was also perfect for finishing off my Yellow grid for February's Colour Chase Challenge so I took quite a few of that section!

I don't know if there are more 2s than other numbers but they stood out more to me. I wonder how long it must have taken to perfectly position each and every one in the specific order she chose. It's awe inspiring and utterly beautiful, a room filled with colour and slices of numbers.

168 000 numbers were shipped from Japan and installed in the gallery. The process took 14 days according to the NOW Gallery website!

Of course, I am drawn to the bright colours and the beautiful shapes of the numbers but the white section certainly makes me think of infinity and how numbers and time just go on and on forever...

Before we left, we had some fun with long exposures! I like how some of the results are completely abstract while others almost make the numbers look 3D like they're flying at you!

We also met the cutest couple there who asked Kirsty to take a photo on their phone and I asked to take their portrait which they've given me permission to share here. They were visiting from Israel, I think they look so great together...

Such a fun morning! The Emmanuelle Moureaux exhibition is on until 19th April 2020 at NOW Gallery which is right next to North Greenwich underground station.

Oh and here's one Kirsty took of me :)


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