Going, going, gone! Capturing the milestones...

It was really hanging in there! Our first lost tooth.

We don't have many milestones to capture these days. Gone are the milestone cards as they grew throughout their first year; first smile, first steps, first words... But we still have a few firsts every so often and of course I love catching them on camera, especially with my super-expressive boy! It's been quite the emotional rollercoaster waiting for this moment, lol.

Priya was the first to get an adult tooth (the first adult molars usually come in first, behind all the baby teeth, and she has all 4 of these new adult teeth now) but Kalyan is the first to lose one of his baby teeth, his LRA for any fellow dentists ;)

You can see his new adult tooth already came in behind the wobbly one which just wouldn't let go.

I took a few photos when we first noticed it too, what can I say, my dental side is interested, lol.

Getting wobblier...

And even wobblier, we thought it would be out every day!

He then started getting upset that it still hadn't come out, bless him. He couldn't understand why everyone at school said it would be out that day and it never was. He was desperate for it to come out but was scared to pull it, even when it was hanging by a thread.

Cue Mummy with the plaster technique. We'd had a lot of drama with removing plasters (and splinters) until I managed to sneakily get a good grip on the edge of a plaster and did the super-quick swipe off. They were both amazed it worked and they now trust me to deal with plasters and splinters this way but he was scared to let me do the same with his tooth. As soon as I convinced him to let me "check" it, job done. I had it out in a second and he was none the wiser 'til I showed him!