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How to make your products pop - product photography in action.

I've been asked a few times now if I take photos of products on a white background. The kind you might see on Amazon or a web shop. Yeh, but no.

A beautiful ceramic rainbow oil pourer

Honestly, it's just not my thing. I can do it but I MUCH prefer to let your products shine in a more dynamic way in gorgeous light. I get why plain photos are sometimes required and there are plenty of people who can get perfectly clean, clinical images for you. This isn't me.

A collection of homemade spa products

I like to take different images of your products, not a conveyor belt of standard photos. It's why I love what I do with brand photography - the variety and storytelling, this is where I shine.

I can help you and your products to stand out from the crowd. This is what excites me, where my passion comes alive!

A rainbow of Rowdy & Fancy chocolate bars

I especially love playing with GIFs and cinemagraphs. Literally adding action to your images!

GIF of Iced Latte being poured into tall glass

Cinemagraph of Homemade Kombucha

And showing your products in real life, be it in a styled "lifestyle" session or in action, like with these Kickers shoes, covered in mud during adventures, as they are designed to be used.

A few more examples of product photographs...

Nutritionist holding products

Desk with lamp, diffuser and plant, below a noticeboard.
Photo of a diffuser on a desk

Two gold gin glasses with bloody mary cocktail
Oliver Bonas gin cocktail glasses

Christmas Clementines

rainbow Christmas decorations flatlay
A rainbow flatlay of Christmas Decorations

A selection of products in Fletching Food Company store

Pride edition of Wild Deodorant on bathroom sink
Wild Deodorant on edge of sink

Anthropologie mug on top of motherhood books

Another shot for Kickers shoes on their website

Masks hanging on the washing line

Anthropologie citrus juicer with blood oranges
A turquoise citrus juicer with blood oranges

Anthropologie Dominoes box set

Iced Latte in a tall glass with rainbow straw
Iced Latte

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