How to make your products pop - product photography in action.

I've been asked a few times now if I take photos of products on a white background. The kind you might see on Amazon or a web shop. Yeh, but no.

A beautiful ceramic rainbow oil pourer

Honestly, it's just not my thing. I can do it but I MUCH prefer to let your products shine in a more dynamic way in gorgeous light. I get why plain photos are sometimes required and there are plenty of people who can get perfectly clean, clinical images for you. This isn't me.

A collection of homemade spa products

I like to take different images of your products, not a conveyor belt of standard photos. It's why I love what I do with brand photography - the variety and storytelling, this is where I shine.

I can help you and your products to stand out from the crowd. This is what excites me, where my passion comes alive!

A rainbow of Rowdy & Fancy chocolate bars

I especially love playing with GIFs and cinemagraphs. Literally adding action to your images!

GIF of Iced Latte being poured into tall glass

Cinemagraph of Homemade Kombucha