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Family Photographer in Sussex - Bathtime Fun!

It seems I have a thing with water! I'm so drawn to taking fun photos in and around pools, in showers and baths, something about the splashes, shapes, light and joy I'm able to capture. I've wanted to take photos like these ever since I saw Amber Talbert's gorgeous images of her daughter in the bath with the window back-light. Sadly our bathroom setup only allows for side-lighting the bath so when we were staying with my parents in Malaysia I absolutely knew I had to get the twins in Granny's bath with the windows behind! It also worked perfectly for January's white colour chase challenge too with the white bath, tiles and bubbles, they even made a heart shape!

This little session with my own kids was so much fun with all the bubbles and splashing!

As you can see, Priya was a bit up and down - she got a bit sulky when she wasn't able to blow the bubbles like Kalyan but soon cheered up again (there *may* have been some chocolate bribery involved to keep her in the bath) and they had a great time flooding granny's bathroom with all of the splashing and firing water at me! Totally worth the mopping up after, I love these photos! :)


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