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Lockdown Father's Day 2020 - Movies and Afternoon Tea

Father's Day in Lockdown started out with pretty wet & miserable weather but most of our plans involved food anyway so we enjoyed our bacon butties and decided to snuggle down on the sofa to watch a Disney film.

Most of us enjoyed a restful Sunday morning except the Boy Who Can Not Sit Still. If you've seen the new Mary Poppins you might understand the third photo - Meryl Streep's part of course!

As soon as the film finished it was time to bake! We'd decided to have a little afternoon tea party to celebrate Daddy and Priya immediately donned her apron and chef hat. We made our classic banana cake (given our very brown bananas) with added chocolate chunks, one loaf and a few cupcakes.

Everyone was sent upstairs to get dressed and play while our cakes were in the oven and I prepared the sandwiches and tea and laid the table. (I really should have straightened the pictures on the wall too!)

Gotta love a milk moustache!

The kids and Nik then went out for a bike ride while I got some work done (and edited these photos). The magazine is going to print TOMORROW! So exciting!


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