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More play date fun post-lockdown

We've been very lucky to "bubble up" with another set of twins for some play dates recently (see our flower picking escapades here), they've been to ours for water fun in the garden and yesterday we had some more fun at their house. It's ideal having two sets of boy/girl twins the same age to play with as they all play nicely as a group as well as splitting off into pairs sometimes.

We took along some gingerbread men which the girls (and then Kalyan) wanted to decorate.

There was plenty of creative fun to be had in the playroom with various toys and crafts and paints too.

And even though it has cooled down massively since our mega heat wave, they were determined to play in the paddling pool too!

They even enjoyed doing a few chores, harvesting some eggs and vegetables and feeding the chickens...

We all had a brilliant day! Us mummies even managed to get some fun rock painting done too :)


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