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My Award Winning Images - Click Voice Competition 2023

I enter this contest every year and have been thrilled to receive a finalist image before with one or two honourable mentions in the past.

Here are 40 of my entries this year (there were another 10 but Blogstomp won't do more than 40!)

I entered a few older images I thought might fit the categories and some newer ones, a real mix of personal, brand and travel photographs.

I am thrilled that I received SIX Honourable Mention awards this year! They reduced the finalists to just 3 in each category too so there are more honourable mentions instead.

Color category - taken in 2019

Mirrored category - taken in 2011

Motherhood category - taken in 2018

On The Table category - taken in 2021

Surreal category - taken in 2023

Urban Observer category - taken in 2023

To be in the top 1.5% is such an honour, out of over 40,000 entries around the world!



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