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The power of showreels

As part of my fabulous new branding packages, I create a "showreel" for my clients. What is a showreel you ask? Almost like a mini advert for your brand. It's a video put together based on the work we do together, to represent you and your brand using your brand values, colours, fonts and brand new images to show off who you are and how you help your own clients.

They're very powerful when it comes to getting your message across and can be used in so many ways to showcase your brand on social media. Share it on TikTok, reels or IGTV, LinkedIn or Facebook or even better, all of the above! Feature it at the top of your website to catch the eye of potential ideal clients and instantly show your customers what you're all about, how you're different and why they should work with you/buy from you.

One of my recent clients even plans to use hers as an introduction video before her talks, genius! Here's what she had to say when I sent her video...

"Oh.MY.GODDDDDDD – that is frickin’ AMAZING!!!!
I love it!!!
Can I use it anywhere? Like on social media and before I give talks etc?"

And the answer is absolutely, yes!

One is still top secret waiting a big re-launch after a re-brand, I can't wait to see the big reveal! I'll be sure to share it here when I can! ;)


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