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Travel Photographer - Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, Malaysia

Nik and I are away in Penang for 5 nights without the kids! (Thanks to the Grandparents on twin duty in Port Dickson, no doubt having a whale of a time too.) While we don't have to worry about the kids we're free to explore whenever and wherever we like so for our first morning out alone we made our way to Kek Lok Si Buddhist temple up on a big hill in Penang. We booked a Grab taxi for this as it was a 20 minute drive so we were dropped right outside the temple at around 10am. It's absolutely massive and spreads out across the hill, we weren't quite sure where to start but began to make our way up before it started getting too hot.

The place is stunning everywhere you look with SO much colour, I was in heaven!

I placed my own wishing ribbon on the wishing tree, Nik suggested I choose the Booming Business red ribbon but in the spirit of wishing for more wishes, I opted for a happy yellow Success In Everything ribbon ;) Didn't work though as my two submissions to Vogue Italia today were both rejected. Meh.

At the bottom of the temple in Ayer Itam, we had been advised to try the Laksa. I'll keep this for another blog post but we highly recommend a trip to the area. The temple is amazing and kept us occupied all morning (wouldn't have been possible with our five-year-olds as they would have been tired, hot and bored) and we loved dining in the street afterwards.


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