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Bexphoto Travels in 2023

One of my goals for this year was to travel more. I'm pretty sure we can say we succeeded! Both solo and as a family, I travelled to six different countries this year. If you're not interested in travel, you might want to skip this post, it's pretty packed with travel photos!


We started in February with a trip to Belgium in half term. We drove there via Le Shuttle which was quick and easy, we stayed in Oostende.


At Easter we headed for some sunshine in Dubai which was not only an awesome holiday but meant I got to meet my Instagram friend Natalie Robinson in real life! We hit it off immediately and ended up meeting up twice more whilst we were there with our families! And then of course, Camera Chameleons was born and we became business partners :)

We spent lazy days by the pool at Lapita, explored the nearby theme parks and took a trip to the sand dunes.

We also enjoyed a special guided tour of the souks thanks to Natalie. It was a lot more colourful than I expected and we enjoyed some delicious food!

We were even lucky enough to receive an impromptu family shoot with Natalie, I adore these photos!

And a little brand shoot for me too...


Nik and I escaped reality for a long weekend in Malaga for our 12th anniversary. I won this holiday with one of my photos taken at H10 Hotels who ran a photography competition last summer.


We had a big summer holiday this year visiting family in Africa.

Nairobi - Nik's family lives in Nairobi and were kind enough to host us for two weeks, providing a base to also head off on safari and a visit to the coast.

While we were staying, the kids had a blast with their cousins, we enjoyed some lovely meals out and had lots of delicious Indian food at home, we visited the temple with Nik's Uncle Bilu and visited his 90 & 97 year old grandparents.

Safari - We spent 2 nights and 3 awesome days on safari in the Masai Mara. I'm yet to edit all of my thousands of photos but here are a few favourites so far...

Mombasa - Fun at the beach, fun in the pool and a little bit of shopping. 3 days in heaven.


I squeezed in a solo trip to Edinburgh for a business conference in September, meeting lots of awesome photographers as well as my long time business mentor Julie.


September was a busy month with an amazing 5 day business retreat at the Costa Blanca with my brand mentor, Gillian Devine.


We even managed to fit in one more trip right at the end of the year, we drove to Brittany to spend Christmas with my Aunt and Uncle. I completely failed to take any photos with my camera so here is a phone medley of the fun we had!

What a year, so lucky and definitely a great choice of how to spend our time. These memories will be so cherished by us and the twins for years to come.