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Uckfield's Festival Of Christmas Trees - 2022, my first year as a participant!

I've mentioned The Festival Of Trees in Uckfield many times before on social media and my old blog, it's always a joy to witness the pretty glow of over 100 beautifully decorated Christmas trees in Holy Cross Church and this year, mine is among them!

Yep, I sponsored a tree myself this year as Bexphoto. I thought long and hard and did a lot of research about the best way to display photos of my amazing clients on my tree. It's not only a way to showcase my work but also to share the love with other local businesses being visible in the Festival. A little way to thank them for trusting me with their brand photography.

I loved getting a sneaky peek at some of the other trees whilst I was there decorating it on Thursday last week. I made friends with my lovely neighbour, Tanya who was decorating the Love Coco tree and helped each other with various tricky parts, chatting all things crafting.

Of course I visited with the family too, we went on Saturday and managed to get some more photos of the church filled with all 106 decorated trees.

It's such a wonderful tradition, it's part of our ADVENT-ures every year! We love it and the volunteers do an excellent job of running such a busy and popular event!

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