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Learn with Bex

I love teaching! 

I've done it as part of my other profession, dentistry, training and mentoring dental nurses and junior dentists as well as working with a special needs school to teach autistic pupils about visits to the dentist to help de-sensitise them and make it easier for them to attend check ups. 


Now I've decided it's time to turn my hand to teaching photography.  I've been lucky enough to be mentored by various people throughout my photographic career, both online and in person.  The best experiences still affect me now from my beginner's course with Brian Clarke back in Dundee Photographic Society in 2005 to my one-to-one mentoring session with Clare Barker Wells in 2016 and the Heart of Home workshop in 2018. 

I now want to use my own methods to help other people take better photos and recognise their strengths.


I will be offering one-to-one mentoring to other photographers who need some guidance in where they could improve as well as teaching beginners who might need some help understanding their camera, getting off auto settings as well as other ideas to help improve their own family photos.  I'm also teaching at new UK conference, Phlock Live in March 2020.

"I had a wonderful mentoring session with Bex. She was like a cool breath of fresh air on this muddled photographer’s brain! She’s not only really inspired and reassured me on - both the images I’m taking and my photography business - she’s also given me immediate actions I can implement straight away which I know will have a real impact. And if all that wasn’t enough, she’s tremendously kind and enthusiastic, making the whole critiquing process (which I was petrified of) quite an enjoyable experience!

Thank you so much Bex xx"


Click here for all of the options to learn from me as a professional or competent amateur.

I'm all about the details, movement, joy and colour but I can offer my eye over websites and critique whatever your own photographic style.


Click here to find out how to learn your camera, get off auto and improve your  photography.

Gain confidence in taking photos in different kinds of light, be it with your phone camera or DSLR.

Document your everyday.

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