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A day in the life.

I didn't set out to record our day but as part of my 365 project I've been missing the daylight as I've mostly only been able to take photos when it's already dark. I'm not a big fan of artificial light when it comes to photography but I've been trying to make it work for me in various situations. Last Saturday I took advantage of having the whole day with the twins and just kept shooting, even after I had an image in mind for my project. I figured I'd save a few in reserve for any more sick days or times when I just can't face shooting or editing after a busy day at work for example.

I wanted to share them here as I do think they make a nice little series of our day. I think I will try to do one of these properly at some point, taking one photo every hour perhaps. This is morning 'til nap time on the day I introduced the twins to pants.


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