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Golden Dandelion Fun

Kalyan has been waiting oh so impatiently for the dandelions to turn fluffy! "Takin' a long time Mummy!" There's a big patch of grass near our house which had dozens of bright yellow dandelions and he was baffled and upset at the lack of dandelion clocks for him to waft (his blowing needs work).

I told him they would come and he had to be patient and it seems it was worth all that waiting! I spotted that most of them had turned into white fluffy seeds and of course noticed that the light was pretty perfect so we quickly unpacked our food shopping and ran across the road to squeals of delight at all the glowing white globes. It was lovely and the light was just gorgeous!

It's amazing how much fun you can have with a few weeds as well as how you can make a plain old patch of grass at a junction look pretty with the right light and angles. It shows you don't need a fancy location to get nice photos.

Taken on my phone just after we left, this is where I took the above photos.


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