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Twirling, jumping, dancing... the fun of a family session!

She grabbed his finger and used her Daddy to steady herself as she spun and twirled so her dress flew out around her, lighting up the hallway...

The music started and Mummy joined in the dance party in the living room before everyone collapsed in fits of giggles...

After Daddy caught her mid-leap, the tickle monster came out!

These are just some of the moments captured during a recent family session I photographed. Spontaneous moments of fun, prompted simply by putting on the girls' favourite music or exploring a different room with time to focus on just being together with no other distractions. There were snuggles and pillow wrestling, twirls in pretty dresses galore and some cheeky climbing on sofas all in the name of art.

And even when space was tight, we ended up with some beautiful shots of them all relaxing and having fun at home. I'll be sharing more from this in-home session soon but you can see some more of my favourites in the slideshow below. Please do get in touch if you fancy freezing some of these moments in time with your own kiddos, the whole experience is geared towards you all having a great time!


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