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Double Exposure Success

I've been meaning to try out an "in-camera" double exposure this year since seeing the technique on Unraveled Academy. There's nothing like a last minute burst of inspiration and I finally had a go this evening before 2019 begins and I set myself some new goals!

It's finally time for our droopy tree to come down as the decorations have been dropping for a while but I wanted to get some photos of the kids with it glowing in the dark so I set up my tripod and asked them to take some of the higher decorations down to get them looking up at the tree.

Then I realised this was my chance to have a go at double exposure and tried taking one straight shot of them with the tree overlaid with a close-up of tree light bokeh (the effect of out of focus lights). My first one didn't work as I'd kept the settings the same but just moved closer and re-set the focus, the light bokeh was too bright so I tried again and reduced the exposure as well this time and it worked!

It came out almost as I imagined, I took one more double exposure and love that one (top) more except Priya's face isn't visible.


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