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ADVENT-ures 2023

I really failed at not only planning but also capturing our ADVENTures this year. Between illnesses, injuries and trying to finish off my charity project, December just got away from me and I've hardly taken any personal photos this year. We still had some festive fun though!

As usual, we kicked it off with our December box (as opposed to a Christmas Eve box, we receive this at the beginning of December), filled with:

  • New PJs for us all

  • The twins' elves (just the cute squishy kind, no Elf on the Shelf shenanigans go on in this house!)

  • Our Christmas DVDs (for when the streaming services remove all our favourites just when we want to watch them!)

  • The twins' festive sound boxes

  • Christmas socks for everyone

And of course, our advent house! This year we were also lucky to receive an advent jigsaw too although we've been woefully bad at keeping up with it every day.

Our advent house gives us daily festive tasks/treats such as...

  • Buy a tree

  • Decorate the house

  • Watch a Christmas movie

  • Christmas Tree Festival

  • Donate to the Foodbank

  • Go ice skating

  • A chocolate coin

  • Christmas kitchen disco...

We usually go ice skating in Tunbridge Wells but headed to the Pavilion in Brighton this year for the pretty backdrop. It was very pretty and we had fun but it was SO much busier on the ice and it took 30 minutes just to get our shoes back! Never again, we'll be back at Calverley next year!

Some of our new decorations on the Maini rainbow tree this year...

I wish I had more photos so share! I'm definitely planning to do December much more slowly next year!


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