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Chequers Pub - review

You may or may not know that I used to write a lifestyle blog, Olive Dragonfly. I have been writing there less and less as my focus has shifted to Bexphoto being a business and writing more on this blog. Some of the things I used to write about didn't quite fit here but then I thought, why not? People used to like following along with the other things I would write about and my posts were always photo heavy anyway so I figured it could add some more interest to this blog and I'd try sharing a few more lifestyle based posts as well as my usual photography posts and merge the two. Starting with this mini-review of a local pub. Let me know if you'd like more of this here or would rather not or just don't care either way, lol. I may change my mind but thought I'd try it out.

So, over the weekend we were supposed to be at a family festival, K had other plans and after our A&E trip, we had a restful weekend at home instead. For dinner on Saturday, we ventured out to a local pub for dinner. The Chequers pub in Maresfield has had a few owners over the years, including Marco Pierre White before we lived in the area. I have to admit, our last visit wasn't great but we saw it had recently been taken over by Green King so we tried it out again and had a very nice meal.

Kalyan has been enjoying taking our orders at home lately so was in his element playing waiter.

And on top form for hilarity as he used his straws to be a walrus. Priya of course wanted laughs too but her walrus needs some orthodontics!

I ordered the special - pulled salt beef burger which was amazing!

K enjoyed his burger too!

I had the millionaires shortbread cheesecake for pud - with chocolate popcorn sprinkled on top, yum!

We had a lovely time, the wine was nice, service was good and it was good value for money.

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