Family Photographer Sussex - What you see vs What I see

I'm starting a new little series of photos showing the difference hiring a professional photographer can make. I'll be featuring a photo taken on a phone or camera that is just a snap, the usual sort of images you might take yourself, i.e "what you see". Sometimes these will be snaps I've taken myself, a behind the scenes shot showing something from an angle people might normally take or they might even be a client's own photo they've taken and shared online (used here only with their permission) or one they've sent me specifically for this purpose.

I will then be putting it alongside the photo I take, the end result of a professional shot which has been thought out, angles and settings adjusted for light, perhaps even directed to the right place and then edited using my skills I've learned over the years to bring the best out of my photos before they're sent to my clients.

Hopefully this series will highlight the benefits of hiring a professional, even just once a year, for those special shots which are professionally composed and edited - showing your family off in the best light (pun intended)! It's not to say that the "what you see" shots aren't good, just that I can provide something different. Phone snaps certainly have their place and in fact with today's phones you can take some amazing images but a professional family photographer brings so much more than just a powerful camera. It's the expertise at seeing light, using the right lens, knowing how to position you without stiff poses and a bit of creativity to make the best possible photos for you to look back on for years and years to come.

So here's the first feature with a super cute photo my client posted on Facebook and kindly allowed me to use for this.

And here's a bath time shot I took during their recent newborn session...

I'm not saying don't take the phone snaps, my phone is currently full of 23,626 images I've taken, lol! It does the job, it saves the moment, but why not invest just once in a while on a professional shoot to add something different to your collection of photos? Let's create some art together, make a stunning album to pass down or get those pictures on your wall! Contact Bex to create your own bespoke session.

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