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The Maini ADVENTures

Every December I set up advent plans. Instead of a chocolate advent calendar (I'm a dentist too remember), I think up lots of activities for us to do in the lead up to Christmas day. I ADORE this time of year and as my twins get older, it just gets more magical!

Here's my list of this years events...

They're not necessarily in a logical order, it depends on weekends/the days I'm working and sometimes I might swap things around so it's all very flexible and no stress! Some doors will have no activity (busy working days when the kids are in school all day) but a surprise Christmas treat like a festive hair-slide.

  1. Buy Christmas tree & decorate it

  2. Watch The Grinch

  3. Decorate the house

  4. Surprise treat (small festive gift)

  5. Paint a Christmas decoration for the tree

  6. Visit Uckfield's Late Night Shopping event

  7. Visit the Festival of Christmas Trees

  8. Wilderness Wood Festive Fun

  9. Mummy & Daddy watch 1st Nativity

  10. Surprise treat (chocolate)

  11. Christmas Jumper Day

  12. Watch Frozen 2 at the cinema

  13. Rugby Christmas Party

  14. See Santa's sleigh tour of Uckfield

  15. Christmas Lunch at school

  16. Christmas Party at school

  17. Christmas jigsaw

  18. Ice-skating

  19. Bake gingerbread men

  20. Christmas Eve box - a new film, chocolate popcorn and new Christmas PJs ( a day early as we might be in London on Christmas Eve)

  21. Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park?


So it's a pretty busy month and I've left some spaces as we might find more events we want to do or fit in some other fun festive activities at home. We might also do multiple things on a day like watching more films, we also have to fit in other faves like Klaus, Christmas Chronicles and Polar Express. Maybe a festive brunch outing too and of course, if we get snow - SNOW DAY!

Here are some more photos from previous years. I'm going to try to do a daily project for this month to record all of the above ;)


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