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Documentary Family Photographer in Sussex - The Maini ADVENTures 2019 - decorating our tree!

You knew it was going to be rainbow themed right?? I did change it up this year though with my new bargain find of a vintage German finial for the top which is indigo with gold paint and glitter so instead of red down to violet (and pink), this year we started with indigo at the top blending down to pink then to red all the way down to blue at the bottom. I love it, as does Priya who declared it "beautiful". I had great fun playing with the lights with my circular prism too, I've put some more examples at the bottom of this post!

It looks fab taking pride of place this year in the bay window! We used to have a sideboard in there so the tree was always to the side in the corner. This is MUCH better! :D

It was also easier for the kids to help decorate too without the sofa in the way. P was very good at helping to unwrap the tree and very keen to get decorating. I had the dreaded task of applying the lights, I'm quite specific about it as it makes or breaks the whole thing and we have 3 sets on there! Once that ordeal was over we got decorating, I placed one of each colour roughly where the levels needed to be and they had free reign to place them - Priya was great at being specific with the colours and distribution, K not so much, lol. These finished photos are after I did a "Monica" and rearranged slightly.

This year we've added a few new additions such as the awesome orange octopus from Paperchase, the blue bottle of gin and pink triceratops, also Paperchase and the red Gisela Graham post box, a sale bargain in January in a garden centre! (I've also ordered a yellow banana but it's arriving later!) So we've gone proper kitsch this year, if rainbow wasn't kitsch enough already! Oh and my cheapo Primark decoration camera still has pride of place on the tree while my new Paperchase festive polaroid sits on my desk in my office cheering me up while I wade through galleries of edits.

It's just SO much fun!

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