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Dana Chapman, DC Nutrition - A Brand Photography Story In South East England.

Brand Photography Client Story - Nutritionist in South East London.

Dana is a qualified health & wellness practitioner, working in a holistic way to help achieve good mental and physical health. Her business, DC Nutrition, combines not only nutritional therapy, but also elements of mental health wellbeing, exercise, NLP and much more.

Here's part of her brand photography story we captured in Dulwich, South East London, England.


We designed Dana's session to showcase various aspects of what she does, specifically including exercise so demonstrate it's about more than just food.

We started in her local park, capturing her running, doing yoga and enjoying being outdoors in nature as part of her own healthy lifestyle and how she manages her mental health.


Dana's brand colours are blue and teal and we also included plenty of green to signify the benefits of nature.

We took the opportunity to capture some outdoor portraits here too, even playing with crystals to achieve some sparkly creative shots to capture attention on social media.


Back at Dana's home I photographed her preparing some gut-healthy foods & recipes at her dining room table.

And in her office, we captured more headshots, important books and supplements that she recommends.


We also showed her at her desk where she researches new scientific evidence as well as contacting clients, showing behind the scenes of her brand with details and wider shots, including some negative space so she could add text and/or her logo when required.

We used a mixture of details, wide shots and some with negative space to allow for text overlays/her logo to be added.

I loved working with Dana and she's been acing her social media ever since! I also love seeing her using her headshots when she's a guest speaker or featured on podcasts.

Where would you use yours?

Here's what Dana had to say about her photoshoot...


""I knew that brand photography was great for building your personal brand but I didn't have any professional photos of myself. I am my brand and so this was a key missing piece for me!
I chose Bex as my Brand Photographer because I liked her portfolio of work as well as how she researched me before our call and was able to immediately suggest some branding tips to help my business.
I felt managed the whole time working with Bex, the call two weeks before helped me think about what photos I wanted and how they could be achieved. Bex was really vibrant on the day which helped me manage my energy, we both knew what needed to be done, but none of it felt awkwardly staged!
My favourite part was getting the photos and amazing showreel! Honestly I enjoyed the experience from beginning to end, I felt I could trust Bex and that is the best win! She was great!
I absolutely LOVE my photos and graphics! I had a call just this morning and the response I got was "wow look at your gorgeous pictures!!" I love them and to hear that clients, friends & colleagues love them too is just the cherry on the top!
If you need some photos for your brand Bex is your gal - hands down. She is really organised, able to help you brainstorm what photos would work for your brand, and is able to capture so many different aspects of your business!
Bex thank you so much, I feel privileged to have had you as my photographer and will definitely be using you again!"

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