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Bowling at Hollywood Bowl, Brighton Marina {Family Fun in East Sussex}

It was a particularly dreich day last weekend so we decided to take the twins bowling for the first time! (We'd attempted to go for their birthday in 2020 but that was scuppered by Covid.) We booked a lane at Hollywood Bowl in Brighton Marina and spent a lovely family fun afternoon together :D

It all started off very well, they were thrilled just to hit any pins (which happened every time thanks to the bumpers coming up automatically for their turn) so we cheered a lot and there was MUCH excitement.

As time went on and there were a few strikes and half strikes, they did begin to get disappointed if they only hit one or two, lol.

Still great fun though and a valuable life lesson that you can't win all the time and you can still have fun without winning - that part might still take some convincing though ;)

Everything at Hollywood Bowl was very well organised, the lane was all set up for us when we arrived with our names on the screen ready to start and the bumpers set to come up automatically for the kids when it was their turn. There were big Covid screens up between the lane seating so you were allowed to remove masks when in your lanes if you wanted.

Good times and a great way to spend a rainy winter afternoon!

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