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Scrapples Back to School Extravaganza: Lifestyle Product Photography in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

A Sustainable and Colourful Kids' Snack Lifestyle Brand Shoot

As the back-to-school season approaches, parents and children alike eagerly anticipate the new adventures that await them. Among the excitement of new backpacks and school supplies, there's one delightful addition to this year's back-to-school experience - Scrapples! A sustainable and vibrant kids' snack brand that promises not only fun and flavour but also a commitment to the planet. In this blog post, I unveil the magic behind Scrapples' brand photoshoot, where imagination, sustainability, and joyous colours collide to create an unforgettable campaign.

When Emma from Taller Big Marketing got in touch with me about this back to school campaign, I knew we'd have so much fun planning a photoshoot for Scrapples!

A Caring Brand

First of all, I was thrilled to be working with such a fun and ethical, family run brand. Their ethos is all about sustainability and against waste. Scrapples apple crisps are made using "wonky" fruit which might otherwise be rejected and thrown away, they use as much recycled and recyclable packaging as possible AND they're super colourful which is of course right up my street! Plus, as a dentist as well, I love that their crisps have no added sugar and aren't sticky, so they're a great option to help keep the kids' teeth healthy too compared to other fruity snacks.

Setting the Scene

The best thing about working with Emma, Scrapples' Marketing Manager, on her vision for the shoot was our collaboration - we got each other instantly, our ideas just clicked! We designed a fun-packed lifestyle shoot at a beautiful home in Tunbridge Wells to capture a Mum with her kids, packing lunchboxes and prepping for their first day back at school. Then we finished the session at a local school who gave us kind permission to use their grounds as a backdrop to show the children playing, snacking, eating lunch and a drop off/pick up scenario by the school doors.

Fun with Scrapples Packaging

During the shoot, the scrumptious Scrapples snacks took centre stage. The packaging, adorned with playful illustrations and vibrant hues, added an extra element of joy to the visuals. The kids eagerly interacted with the product, showcasing their excitement and delight as they explored the delicious flavours of the snacks. It was a joy to work with them and their blue school uniforms really helped the Scrapples to stand out!

Spreading Laughter and Colourful Playfulness

To capture the essence of childhood joy and playfulness, the photoshoot included moments of the kids laughing, playing games, and sharing Scrapples with one another. Scooters, lunchboxes and backpacks added bursts of colours, creating a lively atmosphere that exuded happiness.

The Scrapples back-to-school brand photoshoot proved to be a resounding success, showcasing the brand's commitment to sustainability and, most importantly, the happiness of children. With an explosion of colours, laughter and joy, the visuals resonate with parents and kids alike, making Scrapples a standout choice for this year's back-to-school snacks, spreading happiness and goodness one scrumptious bite at a time.

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I'm thrilled to receive this initial feedback after sending the final gallery...

"I’m beaming from ear to ear!
They’re just so fun and heart warming - you’ve really captured some lovely moments!!
I’m so happy thank you! The colours are super stunning!!
I can’t wait to show them off!
We nailed it! Can't thank you enough x"

- Emma Murphy, Marketing Manager for Scrapples

The photos are absolutely brilliant 🙌❤️✨🥰

- Kat Whitehead, Marketing Director at Scrapples


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