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The Daily Den - tales of den building in quarantine

My son LOVES building dens, or as he calls them - barrows. (We thought he meant burrows but no, definitely barrow - we don't know why!) While the twins and I are stuck at home during this crazy time of quarantine to keep everyone safe from Coronavirus, there has been a lot more den building going on and I've been documenting his epic creations. Luckily so far there have only been one or two meltdowns resulting from his sister inadvertently destroying the barrow and he's continuing to let her in if she's careful.

As he's creating new dens most days, I thought I'd share a few and am using the hashtag #thedailyden on social media. I'd love to see any dens your own kiddos are creating at home so please share using the hashtag and we can all get ideas for new dens to build. Here are some of his recent constructions...


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