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Tonsils and Tinsel

Not really, I'm not a fan of tinsel (well not on the tree anyway, I'd happily wear it myself)!

Anyway, it's been a bit quiet around here. I blame the germs!

Instead of rocking out some awesome festive blog posts and having lots of Christmassy fun with the kids, we've mostly been in bed or binge watching various shows (I need more recommendations guys, hit me up in the comments!) while dosing up on painkillers and antibiotics and the odd ice-lolly.

All of my energy has been used up doing the bare minimum of parenting (The Grinch has done most of it lately!) and doing the essential day-to-day jobs, so my blog, social media and emails have all had to take a back seat, sometimes it's the only way. I just had to switch off from everything else or I would have struggled for longer.

Luckily, between various colds and tonsil infections, we managed to get our tree and decorate (I'll be sharing that properly soon now that I'm feeling better!) Priya picked it out of the field this year and grew quite attached, hugging it after watering it.

Little things have been cheering me up, like receiving some bloody awesome testimonials from clients (will also share those soon!) and some STUNNING sunrises from our bedroom window...

Disclaimer: Not actually taken from the bedroom window - pesky power lines get in the way so I ran outside in my jammies!

So basically this is a "yes, I've been absent" but also an "I'm back and raring to share!"

The most frustrating thing is still having alllllll these ideas of what to photograph, what to write about, what to do and not being able to do any of it. I'm all hyped up now that I'm healthy again but it's one week 'til Christmas so there's lots to do! But that means... January is going to be awesome!

I'm determined not to let it be a long, dark and gloomy month but a new energy with new branding and lots of fab new content to share! Oh yes, there are lists galore! Anyone else find a good list (or five) helps them feel more in control?


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