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Valentine's Day 2021

Given the general lack of excitement and things to do during Lockdown 3.0, we really embrace any excuse to celebrate! This Valentine's Day, we celebrated a day of love at home with heart shaped pancakes and card deliveries to the twins' favourite friends.

We even had a pretty gorgeous sunrise to brighten our day as we got up!

We swapped cards and gifts between us and the kids (who made all of theirs) and then a bit of bed-jumping is always a favourite while waiting for breakfast!

(Priya was less keen!)

After the initial sunrise and beautiful sun rays streaming in, it all got a bit dreary so we all snuggled down to watch Lady & the Tramp (the live version which I'd never seen).

The twins' Valentine's deliveries took an hour! Lol, we planned our route carefully and the kids stayed in the car after this first one (for the photo op!) and just waved to anyone who happened to see us. I was under strict instructions not to chat as it would slow us down too much but a couple of people caught me pushing cards through the letterboxes and we're all so obviously starved of conversation with those outside our homes, we couldn't resist a quick chat from a distance!

Posting a card through a bright yellow door.
How awesome is this yellow door?!

One of Kalyan's very best friends (and Priya's fiancé!!!) was one of those who caught me in the act of posting so he popped out to chat through the car window with the twins while I spoke with his mum on the doorstep. When she put baby M down to run and turn off the hob, I couldn't resist grabbing my camera from the car for this real life shot of him with his wee foot sticking out of his babygro!!! <3

baby sitting inside his front door on a muddy doorstep in black & white
Doorstep deliveries to this cutie's family!

That evening we all enjoyed a fancy meal from M&S for dinner as a special treat too ;) What did you do for Valentine's Day? Did you celebrate in any way or do you usually avoid it?

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