Why A Brand Shoot Serves You So Much More Than A Headshot

Updated: Jul 5

A Case Study - Brand Photography in Sussex for Jane Griffin.


Jane Griffin, Positive Story PR Consultancy


Jane wanted up-to-date photos for her website and to appear more professional on social media as she had mainly been using phone selfies until now and never really knew what to post. She was already taking an Instagram course but needed new images to get started.


Jane knew that phone selfies wouldn't cut the mustard with the high-powered tech companies she is now working with after she started her own PR company during the global pandemic.

Jane's website images were all stock images and her only headshot was 10 years old. The website didn't convey her personality or position her as a confident expert with 25+ years of experience.

Jane wants to attract high-powered companies so it's vital to have a professional looking online presence to convey the trust they can put in her.


To attract new clients, mainly targeting tech-based and industrial companies. To demonstrate her experience with the media and her expertise having run many high profile PR campaigns for well-known brands.

A professional, up to date image across her website and social media accounts.

Jane opted for a 3 hour branding session.


We decided to base Jane's session on headshots, including only very specific areas of her personal life. Her ideal clients need to see her as reliable, honest and trustworthy as well as approachable and of course, an expert in her field.

We also focused on Jane's love of art and interiors in an amazing location with grand rooms and amazing light. We also chose 3 outfits which would perfectly match her branding and professional image we want to portray. Jane sent me photos of the location she picked and the outfits she was planning to buy before the shoot so we could check they would work.