Personal Projects

Personal projects help me grow and improve as a photographer, something I am always trying to do.  The following projects have all been fun projects I've decided to participate in and I'm sharing here as I usually love the results when I push myself outside of my comfort zone, something I strive to do often to keep learning and stay inspired.

Click on the various projects below to see the full details about each one and how they turned out!


The travelling dress project is something I got into by chance, a fellow British photographer posted in a Facebook group wanting to set something up and I jumped at the chance to join in!  


I did take a few self-portraits in it but that was harder than I thought so I roped in my gorgeous friend Zoe to model it for me and I'm thrilled with the results!


Not just related to people, This Detailed Life is my Instagram hub where I feature my favourite images from the hashtag #thisdetailedlife.  I've seen so many beautiful detailed shots and have enjoyed finding little details both at home with my twins, on family photo shoots and outdoors in the woods. 

I've followed other people taking part in this project for over a year now and love the images and grids they produced based on the monthly colour theme but am only now taking part myself.  I wanted a new project for 2019 that wouldn't put as much pressure on me as a 365 which fizzled out last year when I struggled to keep up.  This seemed like a better plan, so here I go, starting with white for January. 

You can follow along with the project on Instagram or Facebook.

Click Pro Set.jpg

Click Pro is a community of elite photographers who are accepted based on the scoring of a portfolio of 150 images.

I got top marks for "use of light", scoring an overall 35 out of a possible 42.

"Congratulations! We LOVE your work! As you will soon discover, Click Pro is much more than a badge of recognition."

You can see my successful set here.

I actually love photos where the main focus is not the face.  It's amazing the stories you can tell without having to see expressions and feelings on people's faces.

Details by the Dozen.jpg

Inspired by the success of This Detailed Life and having found many other photographers who share my love of details, I asked a few to join me in a project sharing one detail image every month in a blog post.  Everyone said yes and so it became Details by the Dozen. 


A dozen details every month from a dozen different artists.  There's some serious talent in this group, I love it!


I wanted to start a 365 project as I'd seen so many inspiring daily posts by others.  I never did manage to finish the year, it was a struggle to keep up with editing along with shooting every day but even the 100 or so days did help improve my photography and produced some of my all time favourite images of my kids!

From Victoria.jpg

I'm working with local businesses who want to boost their online presence with a professional portrait to use on their  social media/website.  It's a great a way to support local businesses in my community and also raise some cash and awareness for a charity close to my heart, Young Minds. 


It's fun and fits with my own brand with bright, happy colours as I include the charity's yellow colour in each photo.


The Slow Photography Movement is run by one of my mentors, Laura Aziz.  It's all about slowing down the production of photos just for sharing online and actually taking time to think about and work on a project where the main focus is creating art to a theme.  So far we've done three but I'm still working on my storytelling project!


Combining two of my loves, food and photography!  I recently joined an Instagram loop with fellow food loving photographers, we're posting once a month to help inspire each other and improve our food styling and images.