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Kickers Kids UK - Christmas Product Photography

We had fun having a little mini-Christmas a few weeks ago for our indoor festive photo shoot for Kickers Kids UK via Mum's The Word (who usually run awesome events - I once photographed their amazing Wild Child Halloween Disco - but since Covid are also focusing on PR and casting talent). I'd already sent them the outdoor photos but the second half of our brief asked for a Christmas gifting theme by the tree, hence getting ours so early this year, never before have we had one before December!

After a bit of a clean and brush up by hubby, the once muddy shoes looked as good as new ready for the kids to unwrap!

I was surprised just how much they got into the joy of it, despite knowing what was inside and having worn them already!!

We did the first part in their awesome Christmas PJs from Next (wish they came in my size too) before getting changed into "Christmas Day Outfits" with their fab new shoes on!

So much fun and I am pleased to report the client loved the photos!

"We absolutely loved working with Bex on the Kickers campaign photographs. She really captured the spirit of the brand and produced a collection of stunning photographs that exceeded our expectations. The feedback from Kickers was simply 'WOW' and we can't wait to work with her again in the future."

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