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Portrait blog loop - flowers

This month's theme for our blog loop is flowers. It's a tenuous link for me this time, there are some dying hydrangeas in these images so I'm going along the lines of my twins being my flowers?? I dunno, go with me - I managed self portraits during the summer holidays! I'm very aware of my extra lockdown weight I need to shift after living terribly unhealthily for far too long, BUT, as I always say - it's important for us Mums to BE IN THE PHOTOS so I'm very grateful for this project pushing me again. I do love how happy we all look here!

I only had the tripod set up due to a last minute request for a Happy 50th Anniversary video for my husband's family (he did not pass the message along until the deadline day)! Anyway, we filmed our message and Nik rushed out to his work meal out and the kids and I decided to play with the self-timer.

They're always hyper and excited right before bedtime, especially Kalyan as you can see - his crazy fun personality shines in these photos...

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I love your sweet little flowers! Everyone looks so happy!

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