Projects in 2020

I've talked before about how projects keep me inspired, help me grow and improve as a photographer and are a fun way to participate with other photographers. This year I'm taking on quite a few although I may very well not keep up with all of them so we'll see. I have already cut back my hours at the day job again as it was all too much and I needed a bit more time to focus on me, the kids and Bexphoto so fingers crossed I find this year a bit more manageable!

So, which projects. Well you may have already read my goals for this year which mentioned a couple but I thought I'd list them here, more to help me keep track than anything! Lol.

The big one - my 366 project!

I tried one of these before in 2018 and made it pretty far but this time I hope to complete it. This time I have the added bonus of fellow photographers taking part in their own 365s via Phlock (headed by Cathy Murphy) and A Daily Occurence (headed by Ashley Marston) at the same time so we can support each other. So far so good but it's easy when on holiday as I'm shooting every day anyway! I'm two weeks in and this is how it's looking so far...

The Top Secret one!

It's not really a secret although it is somewhat under wraps for now. This project is big and it's exciting and I wanted to include it here! It involves documenting families in 2020 and has around 20 photographers on board (which seems apt). Oooh the intrigue! ;)

The Colour Chase Challenge

I did this one last year and will be trying to make sure I do each colour in the correct month this time. Here's last year's final grid (having been filled in with photos from other months as I didn't always manage a full 9 photos each month...

The Portrait Blog Loop

This is a new one for me, I've linked up with 3 other UK photographers to work on our portraits together (including self portraits if we're brave enough). This is a monthly challenge and we've set different techniques as our themes to help us grow and try new things. First up is prisms which I do often use but I tried something different by using it on myself! Our first loop is going live on the 18th Jan!