Rainy days with kids in the summer holidays

I have a few top tips for things to keep the kids occupied when it rains so I thought I'd share them here in case anyone else is in the same boat of always trying to think up activities to do with kids in the summer holidays! I'll keep updating this post with any new ideas we try too ;)

Indoor Picnics

Almost as much fun as an outdoor picnic, this is a surefire way to get my kids to eat their lunch without complaints! They get the same stuff, we just pack it all in a box and eat it on a blanket on the floor!

Role Play

Priya loves nothing more than pretending to be Mummy! Kalyan is generally happy to join in too and they often play Mums & Dads or Pirates or Buzz Lightyear (we have an actual costume for that) or princesses with various accessories, some of which are homemade like Priya's "laptop" and ID badge below...

They've also started putting on plays, they rehearsed and everything, I was so impressed!

Put them in a box!

Don't worry I didn't leave them there, haha! These boxes from our delivery of new dining chairs provided hours of fun though - becoming a kitchen, a den, a castle... we planned to paint them but I chickened out since we couldn't get outside that day without them going soggy.

Embrace the rain!

Despite how cold he looks, this was a warm rainy day and they were so excited to go out and splash in the puddles! Until Priya got wet anyway. But we also like to wrap up and play in the muddy puddles on colder days.

Read a magazine

I was surprised just how much these two loved flicking through my new photography magazine, This Detailed Life, when I asked them to pose with a copy. Priya in particular sat there for ages looking at the photos inside and asking me questions. They also LOVE kids magazines, a treat we usually save for plane rides to keep them occupied on the flight but they're still finding games and stickers inside old ones we kept.