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Summer Fun in Brighton, East Sussex, being tourists (and photographer) in our local city.

It's so easy to take places for granted when you live locally so we occasionally like to be tourists in our closest towns and cities and today we went out for a day of summer bank holiday fun in Brighton. We had an absolute blast! We started off out at Brighton Marina and riding the Volks Electric Railway along the beach to at Brighton Palace Pier where we spent most of our time.

Along with enjoying various rides, sea views and arcade games, we also enjoyed a bag of hot doughnuts and made our way into town for lunch at Yo! Sushi, (Kalyan's choice as he's almost as big a fan of sushi as his mother)!

I didn't take photos all day as we were having plenty of fun and I didn't want to add to my huge pile of editing but I'm so glad I got these shots of our day of family fun in Brighton!

(In case you think he's having a tantrum, he was looking at the sea as we were above it!)

One tired boy on the VER back to the car.

(Also, in case you are wondering, he face-planted onto our friends' patio yesterday skidding on the side of his face! Ouch! His chin just has the remnants of a chocolate ice-cream, lol.)

And in case you missed my stories throughout the day, here's a selection of my faves ;)

So much fun but I'm off to bed now as I'm back to work tomorrow with a second shoot for a gorgeous family in North London! I absolutely cannot wait to see them again :D

I loved taking photos on the pier today, it was such a fun & colourful venue. I always love to chat about your ideas for photo shoots so get in touch if you fancy having your fun family day out photographed in Brighton or anywhere in Sussex, Surrey, Kent or London, or maybe even further afield :D

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