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The Little Things

Is anyone else noticing the little things are more important now than ever? It's really the small moments keeping me going right now, here's a list of some simple things we're enjoying while at home:

  • a Sunday roast cooked at home with hubby's perfect Yorkshires and roasties

  • PE in the living room with various YouTube videos including Joe Wicks

  • a snuggly moment reading with the twins on the sofa

  • movie night with a huge bowl of popcorn

  • a cute drawing Kalyan made just for me on his new tablet (we finally succumbed to them owning their own gadgets to help keep up with tasks from the school on the SeeSaw app)

  • baking a cake with our brown bananas

  • tasting (NON-ALCOHOLIC) beer

  • dressing up

  • pillow fights

  • video chats with friends

  • picnics in the garden

  • finding a K-shaped Twiglet!

  • wine and a book in the bath (me, alone, bliss!)

  • bird watching

  • playing with wind up cars

  • dancing along to YouTube videos

  • playing phonics games on the new tablets

  • living in our PJs some days

  • den building

And of course, photos of the above, a mixture of both Nikon and iPhone photos:


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