How to create a statement piece of art out of your family photos

So you want to create a bespoke piece of art for your wall, what could be more personal than a family photo?

It absolutely doesn't have to be a "happy, smiling, posed" style of shot, they have their place and some people love them. Personally I find those a little cheesy when blown up large, you know my heart lies in the alternative family photographs anyway. Why not try something a little more alternative, I particularly like the artiness a "faceless" image.

One of my clients had an underwater session in her pool last summer and chose just such a shot as a surprise for her husband at Christmas. I could not love it more!!!

They have hung it above their fireplace in the master bedroom against their gorgeous deep blue walls - it looks AMAZING!

It makes SUCH a statement at this size and is so personal - it's their kids' feet dangling in their pool.

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One of the things I love most about my job is helping my clients to choose what to do with their images. You've invested in a professional photographer and at your viewing session, you get to u