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How to create a statement piece of art out of your family photos

So you want to create a bespoke piece of art for your wall, what could be more personal than a family photo?

It absolutely doesn't have to be a "happy, smiling, posed" style of shot, they have their place and some people love them. Personally I find those a little cheesy when blown up large, you know my heart lies in the alternative family photographs anyway. Why not try something a little more alternative, I particularly like the artiness a "faceless" image.

One of my clients had an underwater session in her pool last summer and chose just such a shot as a surprise for her husband at Christmas. I could not love it more!!!

They have hung it above their fireplace in the master bedroom against their gorgeous deep blue walls - it looks AMAZING!

It makes SUCH a statement at this size and is so personal - it's their kids' feet dangling in their pool.

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One of the things I love most about my job is helping my clients to choose what to do with their images. You've invested in a professional photographer and at your viewing session, you get to utilise my creative eye to guide you in the best way(s) to display your photos whether it's a statement piece like this or a gallery wall to tell the whole story.

This particular client knew exactly what they wanted to do with this image but that isn't always the case, this is where my skills as your photographer come in again. Just like in the chef analogy ;)

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