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Review of the Year - 2019

I'm not exactly sure if people are interested in "review of the year" style posts but I think I will find it beneficial to look back at all I've achieved this year, especially after a super busy last couple of months with hardly any time to sit down and take stock. Plus I reckon my mum will enjoy reading it anyway ;)

Having just read back over my goals for 2019, I'm pretty chuffed to realise I achieved almost all of them! I still need to work on my organisation for the 365 or even 52 week project though!

Published in Dear Photographer Magazine - Colour Edition

It was of course a dream to be included in the colour edition of Dear Photographer magazine. I was thrilled when I was notified I'd had an image chosen and it was a colourful self portrait I took in Portugal :)

One of my biggest achievements, I submitted my 150 image portfolio in January and received my acceptance email in February, I was so excited I admit I got a bit teary!

You can read my personalised ClickPro feedback here

I shared some photos from one of my favourite in-home lifestyle/documentary sessions on Dear Photographer's Facebook group and was asked to submit it for a blog feature.

This year I had 3 finalist images in this huge international competition voted for by the general public. With over half a million entries, I was thrilled to have three of my favourites make it this far and 2in 23 awards in total!

Published in Grazia Magazine

One of my product images was used in an editorial article about online shopping in Grazia magazine.

I was asked to speak at a brand new conference designed to elevate women in photography. In March 2020, 500 delegates will be descending on Manchester to learn, be inspired and socialise ith one another. I am honoured to have been asked to speak at such a big and wonderful event, especially since I've never spoken at an event like this before.

I was one of five finalists in the local Muddy Stilettos awards for Best Photographer in Sussex.

It all started with this one...

Then others followed. Sometimes I went weeks with nothing, sometimes I had all my submissions accepted in the week! I'm so excited every time it happens and that coveted Vogue logo appears on my images.

My first publication on Nat Geo was for the assignment - Home, for which I submitted this image above of my twins cuddling my tummy with my stretch marks, showing that it was once their home.

My second feature was my photo of Agi on the yellow bench which was featured in the Daily Dozen, best photos of the day...

My third feature was this image from our A&E trip which was also featured in the Daily Dozen...

Top Ten of the week in the ClickPro Daily Project

This same image of Agi was my first top ten Daily of the week award in the Daily Project for Click Pros.

I then had another awarded a few months later...

I love working with the kids at a local school for those with autism, it's so rewarding and is definitely improving my skills working with those affected in both my dentistry and photographic work. I go to the school once a term to help de-sensitise the pupils to the dentist so they find it easier to brush their teeth as well as attend their own dentists for check ups.

We donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust and set up a sponsorship page.

I landed my dream branding job with The Hurstwood gastropub, I adore their food and ethos and love working with them every season!

Published in Click Magazine

My first publication in Click Magazine was for an article about taking photos of twins and triplets. I was thrilled to have my tips included along with two images of my twins. They were pretty un-phased about being in a magazine though and just wanted to keep making jewellery which we were doing when the magazine arrived from America!

Our first and hopefully the last (unlikely with this boy!) We had a bit of a scare with a bad bump to the head but all was well in the end. He got a bit bored staying for observation but I was able to get my camera out and document our time there. I'm so glad I had it and used it. I believe all our moments should be documented, big and small, good and bad. I also got two vogue publications as a result!

This image has certainly done well for me, you'll see it again below too!

They love it and are doing so well. It's amazing to see the little knowledgeable,

independent people they're becoming.

My big charity project of the year - I spent my time taking photos for small business owners to use for their online branding in return for a donation to Young Minds UK. I met so many wonderful people and loved getting creative with different businesses, all featuring the colour yellow.

Soooo excited about this one too, another big international competition full of talent I admire! I was surprised but delighted to be a finalist in the Rooms & Spaces category! This image was published with all the other winning photos in Click Magazine and will be in the exhibition in Atlanta next year too,

I finally managed to get my health back on track towards the end of this year. I'm still mid-plan using the body coach 90 day plan to kick start my lifestyle change with amazing recipes and quick but effective workouts. I've lost 5kg and am down two belt notches already, feeling more energised and much happier in general. I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking to get healthier. And I got the ends of my hair dyed teal! :D

Photos left and middle by the talented Kirsty Hamilton, right is a phone selfie ;)

My own son had tongue-tie but it was released early and I was able to then carry on breastfeeding both my twins. I recently completed my training to provide this service myself and shared my experience and breastfeeding story spanning 15 months on my blog.

8th Place in Documentary Family Awards

I'm so exited that I placed in the details category! This international competition features the very best in documentary family photography, it's a huge achievement to be in the top ten!

It's been quite the year! I'm so happy with everything I've achieved! I've worked hard for all these successes and I'm not ready to stop! I'm sharing my new goals for 2020 soon ;)


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